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Heavner 22:51, 12 July 2008 (PDT)

Notes on the Windows systems?

General Installation of Linux

We have two of the Vaio UX280 ultra-portable computers running Windows XP. These are super for hiking and downloading data from the Campbells and the YSI. However, for networking troubleshooting, especially wifi, they are a bit less easy-to-use. We purchased a new one to install Linux, and I've started doing that. I'm surprised so far how it is going so easily. I decided to boot into XP, use UNetbootin ( ) with an ubuntu 8.04.1 iso image.. No problem at all--install to USB drive and then "install" from there (installing to the hard drive mounts a "live session", and I could never get it to repartition the hard drive. I had the iso on the memory stick already, and it doesn't actually reformat! Just puts in a boot section and image it needs. very nice.

The external USB keyboard and mouse worked automatically. Plugging in the "smaller base/adaptor" the external monitor works fine (just use xrandr --auto ).

The touch screen works, but the alignment isn't quite right (as someone else wrote, it seems the center is right, but there is some scaling issue--farther from the center, the touchscreen is farther from where you touch). One issue is the screen geometry--an external monitor probably has different screen geometry, and they try to mirror. So the bottom of the vaio screen is chopped, and right now, the touch screen maps to the whole external monitor.. Not ideal, but not a big deal.

touch screen

sorta Working. The calibration is off/not consistent... The trick was at the top of and that was edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf as follows:

You need only some lines in the xorg.conf:

      + Section "InputDevice"
      +        Identifier      "Gunze touchscreen"
      +        Driver          "evdev"
      +        Option          "SendCoreEvents"        "true"
      +        Option          "Device" \               "/dev/input/event3"
      +        Option          "minx"                  "50"
      +        Option          "maxx"                  "970"
      +        Option          "miny"                  "90"
      +        Option          "maxy"                  "970"
      + EndSection

       Section "serverlayout"
      +        Inputdevice     "gunze touchscreen"

From had a slightly different problem and configuration



Inspired by , in the file /etc/modprobe.d/options I added

options iwl3945 antenna=1

did an rmmod iwl3945, then modprobe iwl3945

also had to iwconfig wlan0 essid juneauwireless; dhclient3 wlan0

misc controls

apt-get install spicctrl

lets ya do brightness, fan, temp, power, battery, etc...

max brightness: spicctrl -b 255 (min is spicctrl -b 1)

Zydas wifi

The Zydas/zyxel wifi is auto recognized when plugged into the USB port, and comes up as eth1 (the built in is wlan0)


Got kismet working, I only had to add the following line to /etc/kismet/kismet.conf


(that third column is just an arbitrary name). I'm guess that the external usb Zyxel will look like


seems to be working with eth1/ext (I changed /etc/kismet/kismet.conf -- I'd love to really verify that it is the external wifi.. I know, I'll unplug it and see if kismet chokes! yep "localhost:2501 TCP error: socket returned EOF, server has closed the connect" Looks great!


Getting the bluetooth gps would be dreamy! Hints from

2) Bluetooth works great. Here's a sampling:
Run "sudo hcitool scan"  and turn on your USB Device (in my case it was a Bluetooth GPS module). The hcitool should find
it. Afterwards try to connect to the device by "sudo hidd -connect <MAC OF DEVICE>" <- thats where I ran into trouble,
didn't feel like investigating it further anyway.