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My task list:

58 Campbell Data (USB/serial?)

C17 data

Northstar Data

svn backup

seamonster hard drive back up ComputerSeamonster

201407_MGVCpi -- new SD card in pi to do the webcam

201306_slug10 -- AukeLake Pressure Transducer

201306_SuicideBasin -- work to get the new data stream in the eaglecrest/MtJuneau framework..

201304_MGVC -- the MGVC computer is down, replace it with SM_RaspberryPi?

201303_VuS58 -- getting 58 back up (burn a new SD card?)

20130104_MtJuneau -- talking w/ Jamie Pierce to get the Mt Juneau data flowing into the eaglecrest infrastructure.

20121020_nsrl2 -- dusting off nsrl2, ubuntu upgrade (9.04 -> 12.10?), working on video. maybe dust off a brick?

20101014_WebCams -- where have all the images gone, long time coming?

Snettisham -- notes on the Snettisham AELP station

CareFeeding58 -- notes on taking care of 58

20100726_DataFlow -- broken router at MGVC, seamonster disk failure.. ug!

20100710JIRPMet -- adding new data stream -- met data from Camp 17 on Lemon Creek Glacier

20091026Eaglecrest - restarting Eaglecrest for 2009-10 (data flow has been good all Oct. need rrd and plots.

2009GPSProcessing -- Matt trying to replicate Marijke's 2008 processing of the netRS data from Lemon Creek Glacier.

20090915_LemonTrip -- final trip up Lemon Creek Glacier for 2009 (probably?) Nick, Dave, Shea, Mike, Matt; pull pressure transducer, GPS the rest of Marijke's velocity/ablation stakes

200908_LoggerNetLinux -- installing loggernet on SM2 (Dell tower)

20090721_NSRL_Network -- a network in the lab, for configuration and testing

Using_Cloned_SD -- we've cloned lots of 55 SD cards

20090711_WRT_Routing -- testing routing, w/ two WRTs in my office

20090708_VuS55 -- reviving Brick55 then to clone the SD card and propagate

20090707_WRT_Routing -- WDS/Lemon Creek networking is semi-broken (the met station can't route data straight to nsrl1--it is sending data to the relay station which then forwards it to nsrl1; this is non-ideal; the immediate problem is clock-syncing/ntpd; some notes from the efforts to fix it

UpgradeWRT -- this is just cleaning up notes from specific WRTs, but info to keep handy. describes upgrading from kamikazee to white russian (or maybe downgrading? anyway, we like white russian best!!)

20090618_ConfigureWRT -- issue with the relay station up at Cairn, so I'm preparing a "recipe" to add a wrt to the ad-hoc seamonster network (to connect to "ROOF")

20090614_VaioClone -- We have three Sony VGN-UX280P field computers. one is just the way we like it, the other two aren't. I'm going to attempt to clone drives (or at least document how to, for Josh! :)

2009_Lemon_Communications -- not quite working yet..

20090605_LemonTrip -- ideas for Lemon today, hoping for a deadhead from Era

SM_Meeting_Notes -- keeping track of successes and broken parts

20090524_VuS54_SD -- corrupt SD, trying to recover.. notes here

20090521_MendTermCam -- got it working, need to put in notes here!

20090520_AukeLake -- need to write the notes from the Auke Lake Pressure Transducer here!

20090112_DataFromVuS58 -- Let's get the met data streaming into the database.. why isn't it?

20090109_JHUTeleconNotes -- Mike, Andreas, Rob, Matt

20081106_LabNotes -- Working at NSRL this morning. hope: flash a few WRT's, get 58's fubar'd SD card cloned, get 58 back to life (maybe 53 and 55 as well?)

20081011_MM_VuS58_Visit -- quick run out there, now that I'm waiting for the "hour mod 4" to see if it works, I can think of many reasons why it won't.. details within

20081011_SwapSDThoughts -- if we want to replace the SD card in a VuS, what files need to be modified?

Gen 3.2 SD Card Configuration - a place holder for troubleshooting SD cards (VuS 53/relay specifically)



20080717_Brick58_Camera -- this will hopefully get linked to the proper place quickly!


20080702_Network_Plumbing (worse than subglacial hydrology.. it's internet tube plumbing by MAC address...)

Cameras both still and motion (difference? :)




20080610_openwrt_openVPN Notes from setting up openvpn on an openwrt


Matt's web front door

Marijke's SensorID <-> English page









Matt's sporadic journal/notes of interest

Heavner 13:11, 7 July 2009 (PDT) After lots of corrupt SD cards up on Lemon Creek, I'm cloning some of the VuS58 images we have on nsrl1. Here's the scoop:

dev:~# dd if=VuS_Imgs/VuS55_card_image.dd of=/dev/sdc
production:~/VuS_Imgs# dd if=VuS55_card_image.dd of=/dev/sde

Heavner 11:28, 6 July 2009 (PDT) On Saturday (2009/07/04) went up Lemon Creek Glacier w/ Marijke, Josh, Nick, Dave. We met the JIRP folks and got a tour around Camp 17 (inside the buildings!) from Scott. Tried the radar w/ Marijke and we couldn't see the air wave. We saw a ~1 kHz signal (badly distorted sine wave), but got that just w/ a piece of BNC in the o-scope (antenna unplugged). No major change w/ antenna plugged in. Perhaps saw a transient when transmitter was first turned on, and could possibly imagine both the air and reflected waves--but I think it was wishful thinking. I think that whatever happened to the transmitter that broke the capacitor leg that Marijke fixed probably did more damage? Anyway, I flew back Sat evening, and the rest of the folks stayed up there. Now, talking w/ them, the pressure transducer may be broken, the bricks are suffering from corrupted SD cards (need e2fsck run), and brick 55 (moved from the pressure transducer/lakes to the met station) has low internal battery voltage. Nick is talking w/ Rob about the source of a current drain to swap parts to maintain 55 ops. Era will take up a bag w/ the hunter cam, the vaio (and hopefully card reader) to e2fsck an SD or two, and misc stuff to get the hunter cam working at noon. There is hopefully a 3pm ride back down for those folks. Nick is not having luck w/ the Sony camera working at the met station (everything else going good, he does the uCInterface program to boot the cam, and it all shuts down...). One potential troubleshooting is to power the camera off a separate battery (or even just power the camera off the battery there, to confirm it works...)

Heavner 09:08, 5 June 2009 (PDT) Yesterday went up Mendenhall, the logistics were fun for North Star (thanks!). We all went up w/ pilot Mike (it was Mike Hekkers, Josh G, Ayanna, Steve, Marijke, and Matt). We took off around 12:10. On landing at North Star's upper camp, the Georgia Tech folks helped setup the radar, while Josh and Mike jumped on the steam drilling. Marijke and Matt tested out both scopes (the fluke and the softscope) and were happy that the radar was working (good repair work Marijke!). We got everything packed up. the snomote did some cruising around. The steam drilling was a bit slow (remember to bring a wind block/tarp next time!). Christian came in about 12:50 and Marijke and Matt jumped on to head back to town. The rest of the gang went up to put in ablation wires at Upper North, Lower North, and Upper South. Sounds like lots of great steam drilling and snomote work!

Heavner 10:31, 4 June 2009 (PDT) Sunny Weather means busy week. Sunday up to Mendenhall Divide w/ Snomotes and Marijke (on Northstar). Downloaded snow depth data, no luck w/ radar, Nikon camera, sat phone, or radios... Monday worked on radar a bit, REU star. Tuesday up Lemon w/ Snomotes (Ayanna, Stephen, and Lonnie), Josh, and Connor (on Coastal). Big smoke at relay (two 12V batteries duking it out over a thin copper wire), fixed, no comms to MendPenRoof though, smoke at the met station--hypothesis is too much current draw by the PTZ camera for the PCB. Seems like only the JP7 (I think?) voltage regulator got cooked, so perhaps the VuS will come up every 4 hours. Hard to tell w/out relay. Josh couldn't connect to the Campbell at the pressure transducer, so we still need to push the program to that pressure transducer. The lake is starting to fill. (more notes to come) Wednesday worked w/ Marijke at NSRL on radar, then met w/ Gwen Holdman, Snomote folks, etc... Thursday prepin' to fly w/ North Star to Mendenhall ablation sites (Bob's camp, upper north, lower north, upper south, lower south).

Heavner 15:26, 12 June 2007 (PDT) Working with Logan, Cathy, and the EDGE folks at North Star ("regular") camp. We pulled out "last year wire" that had ~50 cm left (Logan has the detailed notes). We pathfinder'ed this spot. Then we went to this year's wire put in last year. The wire hadn't frozen in! There was ~20 cm/week melt/thinning in the past three weeks (rough estimate). The coolest thing was seeing a wolverine run across Mendenhall Glaicer. It was coming from the Suicide Falls//Wrather area, running across and down glacier to the West Glacier trail area. That was around 11am.