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Find Period of Performance for Lake Lynn Pressure Transducer (from Shannon/Terry)

Get to Know Lemon Creek (JIRP, Lemon Glacier, IGY reports)

layout all instruments in gearth

provide any req's for Rob on webcams by Jan 10

geophones seismic read three seminal paper on geophones (ask Shridar)

no more geophone software development from Rob

here's what we've got: Gen II some have geophones w/ digitizers, and GPS antenna

brick users manuals, software on

some timing issue (throw out first last 20 seconds), some jitter w/ disk writes

power problem (Gen II just sucks it down--the microcontrol and switches are there, but not doing anything)

Get Juneau DEM from Matt Nolan

SBC Issues (Rob is dealing with): 1) USB drive access intermitency, 2) SD boot reliability?!, 3) GPS over serial

worst case: switch to different SBC (why not: SBC current has good (hard) control of various components)

TODO: send Rob pressure transducer screen code