Gen 3.2 SD Card Configuration

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Gen 3.2

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The TS-Debian Linux file system is held on a 512MB SD card (2008). This page describes how to work with this SD card.

Content consists of links to proper information:

Gen_3.2_SBC_Configuration Dealing with the SD in terms of formating, installing, duplicating

[[1]] linked to on above page as well--this is get an SD card booting. Describes why / should be the third partition of the SD (cuz that is how it is)

[[2]] binary images (I'm intrigued by the 4/29/2008 image!)

[[3]] The TS-7260 manual!

Exchange with Embedded Arm tech support

Rob Fatland (VEXCEL-MSFT) wrote:
> Hi folks;
> Could I get a quick pointer to formatting a blank 2GB SD card for 
> TS-Linux? We’re trying to upgrade to tougher cards because we keep 
> hitting e2fsck fails with our field units (Alaska abuse). I recall 
> there are a couple tricks to getting this right; thanks in advance.
> Best regards
> -Rob

Assuming you have a Linux PC at your disposal, it is not difficult.
First use dd to write the image from our ftp site to the card, 
then use fdisk to enlarge the partition and ext2.resize to resize 
the filesystem.

If that doesn't work, you can remove the 3rd partition, recreate 
it so that it fills the needed space, and untar our Debian tarball 
onto it.

I would be curious to learn what kind of abuse in particular your 
system is subject to in Alaska. If it is just a matter of power 
supply being interrupted then I can see why your file system might 
get hosed, but I would expect SD cards to hold up in a cold environment.