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Getting Campbell Data

From mgvc ssh ps auxw | grep Agent kill Agent process

Check dmesg to confirm Proliant USB/Serial shows up at /dev/ttyUSB0

cat /dev/ttyUSB0 > (I think it is still programmed to spit out its memory, or at least the last four values? every minute?)

Maybe getting the full memory dump requires more than just "cat /dev/ttyUSB0". But at the moment (2012/02/08) my guess is that the Campbell battery is dead, as it isn't answering on /dev/ttyUSB0 Once I can talk w/ the Campbell, I'll add the instructions for a full memory dump here..


/var/log/wtmp gets big

Agent.log can get big

~/brickmove/expired needs to get automatically copied over (this is still Logan being super careful, I think)..

I use

rsync -raz --remove-sent-files brick58_2010051*


I couldn't get 58 -> ssh working, so it goes 58 -> nsrl1 ->

on, I have a crontab entry which makes 00_latest.jpg and adds a timestamp to the image (based on the file timestamp, which should (via rsync -a) be the timestamp put on my 58 when it grabs the image (so relies on 58's clock being good...)

to get the time stamp on the image:

convert -gravity SouthEast -pointsize 24 -fill white -annotate +60+20 "`ls -l 00_latest.jpg | cut -c37-52`" 00_latest.jpg test.jpg

to just make 00_latest.jpg

rm -f /home/seamonster/ ; ln -s `ls -rt /home/seamonster/*.jpg | tail -1` /home/seamonster/ >& /dev/null

put it together...

rm -f /home/seamonster/ ; convert -gravity SouthEast -pointsize 24 -fill white -annotate +60+20 "`ls -l /home/seamonster/*.jpg | tail -1 | cut -c40-55`" `ls -rt /home/seamonster/*.jpg | tail -1` /home/seamonster/ >& /dev/null