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On March 29/30, 2013, I (Matt) went out to MGVC to get the computer that logs/publishes the webcam images back up. I pulled all the images off of it (phew) and then got it going. It lasted ~5 hours. I went out again, ~5 more hours. After I left town, some of the MGVC folks got it going.. for ~5 more hours. I'm thinking that it is hard drive (or other hardware) failure. There was also a bit of "confused" network plugging to get a second wireless router running "downstream" of the SM one -- I got this fixed.. I can get into the router (but it isn't on openvpn..).

I got the Make Raspberry Pi "starter kit". Flashed the SD card (doing it from Linux, remember to dd of=/dev/sdb (not /dev/sdb1) -- that tripped me up for a few minutes). It boots aok. It uses dhcp by default. I did an "apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade" first.

What is needed for the SM_RaspberryPi to replace the MGVC computer?

  • openvpn
  • motion? (or just push the webcam images to weather underground, the nsrl1

Got openvpn and motion. Still todo:

  • munin