20130104 MtJuneau

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MtJuneau_dataflow.pl gets data from http://uashome.alaska.edu/~JPIERCE11/Mount%20Juneau/Mt_Juneau_Table1.dat and creates MtJuneauSnowSite.txt

MtJuneau_run.py reads MtJuneauSnowSite.txt and updates the rrd and plots

mjh_initialize_MtJuneau_rrd_all.py initializes the RRDs: temp, rh,ws,wind,snow,pressure

Guessing, crontab will look like:

 # m h  dom mon dow   command 
 10,24,40,55 * * * * rm /home/seamonster/MtJuneau/data/data.backup; touch /home/seamonster/MtJuneau/data/data.backup
 5,20,35,50 * * * * python /home/seamonster/MtJuneau/MtJuneau_run.py
 2,17,32,47 * * * * /home/seamonster/bin/MtJuneau_dataflow.pl

For now: http://nsrl1.jun.alaska.edu/eaglecrest/mtjuneau.php

so far modified mtjuneau.php, eaglecrest.php (to add mtjueneau as a station) include/nav_mtjuneau.inc include/banner.inc and had to link images/graphs/mtjuneau (with daily, monthly, weekly)


Now I need to hack the php stuff and get it integrated with the eaglecrest stuff. - to zero order, this is done. Remaining stuff: raw data. wind direction/rose.

The pressure plots need calibration and then differencing with the (airport?) values to look at snow pack compression.


Heavner 14:06, 4 January 2013 (PST)

calling Jamie.. left message...

new data stream is at http://uashome.alaska.edu/~JPIERCE11/Mount%20Juneau/

The steps to take are semi-outlined 20091026Eaglecrest. There is a new data stream (barometric pressure) but no tipping bucket or UV sensor.

grab airport and do pressure difference -- plot both..

watch time/date!

thermister -- calibrations? in epoxy..

MGVC/58 back? send new flash card..

Heavner 18:51, 4 January 2013 (PST)


mkdir ~/MtJuneau
mkdir ~/MtJuneau/rrd
mkdir ~/MtJuneau/data
mkdir ~/MtJuneau/images
mkdir ~/MtJuneau/images/daily
mkdir ~/MtJuneau/images/monthly
mkdir ~/MtJuneau/images/weekly
sudo ln -s /home/seamonster/MtJuneau/images /var/www/MtJuneau