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Hopefully more details will be added by David/Nick.

On July 6 we had hoped to fly up, but got skunked by weather. I hiked about halfway up Blackerby with Chip in "typical" SEAK conditions.

On July 7, Nick, Dave, and I got a flight up to Lemon/C17 with Era. We first hiked up and retrieved the met station and then Nick/Dave got to installing it on the C17 cook shack. (I supervised and acted as "safety officer" holding the ladder/etc..) Pictures to come.

After a good intense day of work, we checked the data flow (over 900 MHz/LoggerNet to http://uashome.alaska.edu/~NKORZEN/JIRP_MET/CR1000_JIRP_Table1.dat this is updating sporadically (on 7/26, last update was 7/15). I think this is comms "on the edge" so maybe we'll put an amplifier in there?) When we checked, there was no data (bummer) but in the morning we saw that it had started up about 25 minutes after we checked! (Murphy--you!!)

Nick/Dave were going to fly down early morning July 8, but the flight fell through. So they hiked down Blackerby -- with much more success than previous attempts.

I stayed up and worked w/ JIRP folks, then my flight down fell through on July 9. So I hiked down Blackerby. I lost the trail twice in the alpine, and once heading down Cairn. That slowed me down as I refound the trail (trust the trail, stay with the trail, the trail is your friend!). It took me 4 hours and 40 minutes to get out. I think with good trail knowledge (or following a GPS?) maybe it could take 4 hours.

Now we need to "bullet-proof" the comms and start plotting the data.