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Heavner 16:37, 9 June 2009 (PDT) Can't get 53 (the relay VuS) on http://seamonster.jun.alaska.edu/brick_mon.html (or anywhere else..)

First guess is a bad wifi amplifier up at 53.. Is the amp "failure" mode a "short"? Does the amp need an external power supply to inject/power it? I didn't see one in there.. If it is a 250 mW amp, I don't think it does, but I thought there was then a power plug going into the amp itself. If it is a 1W amp, I thought it did need the power injector. And anyway, I thought that in 2008 we decided we could get away w/ the amp and directional at roof and no amp and the omni up at 53/relay. TODO: Check the amp at roof to confirm power source.

I've added a crontab to nsrl1.. Every minute it logs into roof to see what SSIDs are showing from roof, and it logs them to seamonster@nsrl1:~/RELAY/ROOF. I also have it get the nsrl1 "date" and the roof "date" (so I can look for any clock drift on the wrt/roof). I am looking for any possible clock drive on 53 (so that it is coming up every four hours with the radio, but it isn't the top of every 4 hours), or when we got up and troubleshoot, or I try some "fancy pointing" from roof, it'll log if we see the seamonster SSID (that's what it is looking for)... The crontab entry looks like:

*/1 * * * * date >> ~/RELAY/ROOF ; ssh root@roof "date ; /usr/sbin/iwlist eth1 scanning | grep SSID" >> ~/RELAY/ROOF

I think the next step at relay is to take up the Air and the Zydas/Zyxel USB/wifi w/ external antenna (running under Debian on vmware), see if it can see SEAMONSTER, or if it can connect w/ roof.

But if Matt calls and asks someone to troubleshoot, just logging in as seamosnter@nsrl1 and looking in ~/RELAY/ROOF is a good start..

Helpful note: the easiest way to check will be

"less ~/RELAY/ROOF" then type "/" (which puts you in search mode with less), then type seamonster and hit return.. it will find that phrase in the file if it exists (doesn't now--if you want to practice, serach on "badger")..