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This is specific netRS processing info, but needs attaching to Lemon_Creek_Glacier_2009

Heavner 23:14, 30 October 2009 (PDT) Martin processed LEMa,b,c with track and LEMa20090x2ENEU(39361) is where the real glacier data starts on day 121.7083

LEMc starts on day 121.7083 as well at point 19201 in the raw data

Looks like Mendenhall PBO Rinex is here

2009 netRS data

Lemon A - deployed 2009/0x/xx retrieved 2009/08/10 have data 2009/04/15-2009/08/09

Lemon B - deployed 2009/0x/xx retrieved 2009/08/31 have data 2009/04/22-2009/08/31

Lemon C - deployed 2009/0x/xx retrieved 2009/08/31 have data 2009/04/29-2009/08/31 missing 2009/08/16

2009/08/10 retrieved data w/ Karen Moe, Rob, Nick, Josh G, Matt -- pulled out LemA/lowest netRS

2009/08/31 picked up two other netRS stations

Lake Drainages: 2009/07/25-27, 2009/08/18-19, 2009/08/30

Heavner 16:08, 23 September 2009 (PDT)

LemA - last data file 2009/08/10

LemB - last data file 2009/08/31 (two minutes before UTC rollover!)

LemC - last data file 2009/08/31; missing Aug 16

LemB records are all almost 2.5 MB/day, while LemC are more variable and about 800KB/day

Marijke's email from Aug 26, 2009

Anyways, I did the postprocessing on Bill, Chris Larsen's computer. But I think it would be easier to do it on Martin's computer now. Dave Podrasky has written some scripts that make it relatively easy. I put all his scripts into a subversion folder on Martin's computer. But you need to actually run them on his computer or change them around and make a folder with all the ephemeris files that are needed. The 'slv6hr' is the main script, and I think it includes most of the others.

Maybe it would be easiest if you could be a user on Martin's computer too. Otherwise you would also need to install track.

ATTACHED CODE: splice, slv6hr, readtrack, dat2obsNetRS, convert2dat