20090915 LemonTrip

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Heavner 15:12, 16 September 2009 (PDT) On Monday, Sept 15, Flew up Lemon Creek Glacier w/ Coastal (Pilot: Adam) and Mike Hekkers, Nick Korzen, David Sauer, and Shea Mack. Nick and Shea hopped off at at pressure transducer/rock outcrop (it was pretty rough winds there..). They rappelled down, freed the pressure transducer (which was pretty badly crushed PVC/protector--looks like maybe iceburgs crushed it? definitely why it quite taking data early this summer..), and brought everything back up. Mike, Dave, and I roped up to GPS the lowest line of Marijke's ablation stakes/wires/tetras--we got 21C, 22C, and 23C on both the Pathfinder and "Marijke's GPS". We were on snow, hoped a few cracks, and then on ice (but it wasn't crampon-ice. it was slush/ice). Then, because we were heading up-glacier, we went and got 24C, then split up/unroped. We all got 24C (on Pathfinder), then we got 25C (can't tell if we split up before or after that, but it should be on the Pathfinder). Dave went and got 26C (on "Marijke") while Matt & Mike got 27C (F091500A), 28C (F091500B), 29C (F091500C), and 30C (F091500D) (on Pathfinder--the cryptic names correspond to the Pathfinder points). Dave went and got 32-38 (on "Marijke"). 31 had been measured/retrieved on the overnight about two weeks ago as they had almost tripped over it on the hike upglacier. Dave had the "A" points in the "Marijke GPS" but no one else had them, so we had to do some radio comms when we didn't "blindly stumble" onto the tetrahedrons. We should surveyor tape all corners of the tetras, rather than just one (the one taped corner was always down--just enough wind/weight, I guess..). We should also have the markers in several GPSs and also printed out on paper. We did use the marine radios for needed communications, with much better luck than the handheld walkie talkies.

A = placement (May 15, 2009), B = July 4/5/6?, C = pulled out either 2009/09/14 (21-30,32-38) or 2009/08/30/31 (1-20, 31)

On the way home, we had the pilot head to the snow line (end of season ELA) and we identified that as 3500' ASL.