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NSRL WRT network.png

Heavner 12:02, 23 July 2009 (PDT) Notes go here..

GOAL: Replicate Lemon Creek Glacier/Roof Network for troubleshooting and configuration testing

Antenna Selection

Issue 1: Trying to isolate communication between specific routers -- can we just put a cable between the two antenna ports of different routers?

root@SM_WRT_19:~# iwlist eth1 scan
eth1      Scan completed :
          Cell 01 - Address: 00:21:29:A5:8E:38
                    Quality:0/0  Signal level:-250 dBm  Noise level:-96 dBm

(and similarly from 25 to 19, which are wired together with cable from antenna port to antenna port..)

Both 19 and 25 have wl0_antdiv set to -1, which is auto..

Then it switches over to the other antenna port it seems..

eth1      Scan completed :
          Cell 01 - Address: 00:21:29:A5:8E:38
                    Quality:0/0  Signal level:-18 dBm  Noise level:-96 dBm

I'm going to try and play around with the antenna settings to sort this out. I think that both cables are plugged into the port near the reset button (I need to confirm this with someone physically over there).

So, trying:

root@SM_WRT_19:~# nvram set wl0_antdiv=0
root@SM_WRT_19:~# nvram commit
root@SM_WRT_19:~# reboot


root@SM_WRT_25:~# nvram set wl0_antdiv=0
root@SM_WRT_25:~# nvram commit
root@SM_WRT_25:~# reboot

This gets me a signal level of -249 and -250 dBm from both.. hmm.. I'll try forcing it to

root@SM_WRT_25:~# nvram set wl0_antdiv=1     
root@SM_WRT_25:~# nvram commit
root@SM_WRT_25:~# reboot


root@SM_WRT_19:~# nvram set wl0_antdiv=1
root@SM_WRT_19:~# nvram commit
root@SM_WRT_19:~# reboot

And that gets me signal levels of -37 dBm and -25 dBm. There is still significant wifi/RF "noise" around--I see other routers in the room w/ a signal level of -47 dBm reported.

NOPE: Nick tells me that the cable is plugged into the antenna port near the reset button (which should be 0, according to my latest notes...) So maybe the -250 is a "buffer overflow" type reading (it does seem weird!)

I'm going to postpone this for now, and get the WDS working, then unplug the network cable from one (19 probably) and see if I can connect to it wirelessly.

WDS setup

Issue 2: I don't think WDS is quite working, let's see...

Via command line, here are the variables that matter:

wl0_infra (0)
wl0_lazywds (1 easier, 0 for better bandwidth!)
wl0_mode sta (want AP!)
wl0_wds (MAC address list)

Well, WRT19 was on Channel 11, but WRT25 was sitting on Channel 6. Got them both on Channel 11.

WRT19 has wl0_infra=0 but WRT25 has wl0_infra=1 so I set them both to wl0_infra=0

set wl0_lazywds=1 on both

confirmed all else, double checked MAC addresses, pinged 19 ( from 25, had Nick unplug 19's cable to the wall, and the ping kept going.. Good start!

Adding another router (154)

Now Nick has 154 WAN plugged into the "world" and 54 is plugged into 154's LAN. I'll see in few minutes if I can see it all..

OK, the router is SM_WRT_29 and is at and

root@SM_WRT_29:~# nvram show | grep stuff_i_care_about
root@SM_WRT_29:~# nvram set wl0_wds="00:1E:E5:57:73:34 00:21:29:A5:8E:38"
root@SM_WRT_29:~# nvram set wl0_ssid=SMrouter2

WRT29 is 00:23:69:82:AB:48 so add that to 19 and 25

OK, I can ping WRT29 ( from WRT25 ( about 25% packet loss.. 25 and 19 are connected via cable between antenna ports. 29 isn't.. so this makes some sense

Interesting now. (and good!)

From NSRL I can only get into 29 by "going through" 25--from 29, I can ping 25, 19, and NSRL (but slow, lots of packet loss, etc..). I also can't get from NSRL to 19 (vpn ain't working), but I can get from nsrl to 25 and then ssh into 19 (on the 192.168 network). More of my notes today are:

NSRL WRT notes.png


TODO!! Add one missing MAC address (29 to 19, I think...)