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Heavner 11:21, 18 June 2009 (PDT) Testing make a wrt connection to "roof" in order to help troubleshoot the Cairn Relay station..

I'm using WRT_27 which Josh had flashed with White Russian (and installed openvpn, ntpclient, wiviz), and had in infrastructure mode with SSID SMRouter4 or something. It was set to, which is the roof (SM_WRT_18) settings. and was on channel 6 (the default)

I made the following changes:

  1. in Network -> LAN: Change IP address to; change default gateway to; hit save
  2. in Network -> Wireless: Change SSID to seamonster (CASE MATTERS); change to ad-hoc mode; Change Channel to 11; hit save
  3. in Network -> Advanced Wireless: Add WRT_18's WIFI (!!!!) MAC to WDS list ( 00:18:39:EC:BC:0E ADD A SCREEN SHOT!); turn off Automatic WDS; hit save
  4. Hit "Apply Changes"
  5. on Roof, Network -> Advanced Wireless: Add new router's WIFI MAC to WDS list (WRT_27's MAC addres is 00:21:29:B5:5C:8D and is now in WRT_18's WDS table)

Step 1 Screen Shot

WRT27cfg LAN.png

Step 2 Screen Shot

WRT27cfg wireless.png

Step 3 Screen Shot (missing--sorry!)

Step 4 When you hit Apply Changes you should see something like (there should also be some MAC/WDS stuff, I think I did that separately):

Committing NVRAM ...
Reloading networking settings ...

Notes of things I noticed:

CAREFUL: MAC address reported on info page (and bottom of hardware, and front page of browser interface "Info") is the ethernet MAC, not the wifi MAC! Add two (in hex!) to get wifi MAC

iwlist shows all channels (just confirmed at home, see seamonster on 11, juneauwireless on 1)

On Roof/WRT_18 currently:

WRT_18 is at 00:18:30:EC:BC:0E

WDS lists 00:0F:66:52:83:C1 (wiki said it is: Cairn Met,, 00:0F:66:52:83:C1 ) this appears to be WRT_21 -- is this the router that is up at Relay?!?

(and automatic WDS is disabled)

(Antenna selected is "right")