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Heavner 07:13, 3 August 2010 (PDT) It seems to be working well now. Slug 10 is solid, the meraki is good, the scripts are pushing data to seamonsterak.com/data and a plot is getting auto generated.

Heavner 07:51, 28 July 2010 (PDT) The slug is taking data, but the seamonster.jun.alaska.edu hard drive died. I'm working to push this all to seamonsterak.com hosted at dreamhost. http://seamonsterak.com/data/AukeLake/ Seems to be working. A plot is being auto generated with python/matplotlib (thanks Ryan!). The README file hopefully contains enough info. David Sauer will do a calibration and clock reset.


We have slug10 (check at munin http://nsrl1.jun.alaska.edu/munin/seamonster/slug10.seamonster.html ) pushing the data from the Global Water WL15 pressure transducer. There is a 120V-AC to 9V DC inverter to power the Global Water. A 9V Lithium is plenty when the WL15 is in "log only" mode, but when it detects a serial port plugged in, it goes to higher power consumption to push data and will drain a 9V battery in ~2 days.. So we need a power solution there and are wimping out for now (with wall power). Unloading the USB kernel modules didn't convince the WL15 that our serial/USB was unplugged. We considered putting the slug on a timer to wake up and log data/forward it, but this was the first step we took.

The data is collected by the WL15 every 5 minutes for now, and a cronjob on slug 10 pushes it into the seamonster database every minute (some overkill, for sure..)

seamonster@slug10:~$ sudo tcsh
slug10:~# crontab -l
* */1 * * * /home/seamonster/bin/data_xfer.pl
slug10:~# cat /home/seamonster/bin/data_xfer.pl 
# Matt Heavner 2009/05/22
# grab global water data, transfer to seamonster

`/home/seamonster/WL15downscript.py`; # should use AukeLake/wl15x.py?
`rsync -razv AukeLake.dat seamonster\@seamonster.jun.alaska.edu:`;
`ssh seamonster\@seamonster.jun.alaska.edu "cat AukeLake.dat | /home/seamonster/auke_insert.pl"`;
`cat AukeLake.dat >> /home/seamonster/AukeLakeDONE.dat`;
`rm AukeLake.dat`;

Here's the results:


Heavner 09:12, 5 June 2009 (PDT) It quit working, but from the computer end, everything seems fine-- Time had drifted about an hour an a half?! (it was off that far, uptime is 7 days.. up the priority of ntpd on nsrl1!). Using the "chatter.py" script, the real time data seems fine.

: -r 
['E\r\n', '!\r\n', 'r\r\n', '06/05/09 08:04:16,2B40\r\n']
06/05/09 08:04:16 11072 3.31

I moved "AukeLakeDONE.dat" to an older file (it is almost 1MB of data now) and tried chatter a few times. Got one good data point. Not quite sure why it quit (around 10 am yesterday, but the supposedly 5 min data was getting sporadic around 7am?) There was one bad data point that seems to have snuck across while I was mucking about--not sure how/why. It was a value of "-7" or so.. I'll edit that out of the database. The "real time value" from chatter.py always seemed fine. maybe cross-talk on the serial port when I was using chatter.py?

Heavner 12:44, 11 June 2009 (PDT) the pressure transducer data "disappeared" (from the SM data browser) two days ago. It looks like a bad connection with the meraki. I had the one in my office set horizontally, and the one in the tree is on the "wrong side" of the tree.. The meraki dashboard reports:

20090611 Meraki Auke.png

but the slug10 has an uptime of 13 days--so power hasn't been the issue. (And I think all the data from the last two days or so gets pushed just fine! woohoo!)

Heavner 12:10, 12 June 2009 (PDT) Huh.. The pressure transducer went into "sparse, wrong data" mode. I rebooted the slug at ~10:15 and things look marginally better..

seamonster@slug10:~$ tail -f AukeLakeDONE.dat 

Pictures of the Setup

Auke Press.JPG

This is a view of the pressure transduer mounting pole sticking up out of the lake.

Auke Cooler.JPG

This is a view of the enclosure that houses the data logger for the pressure transducer along with the communication instruments.

Auke Close Up.JPG

An abs elbow was installed and glued into the side of the cooler for the cables to come out of. Before the cables were coming out of the top door of the cooler making the enclosure non-water proof. With the elbow now installed on the side of the cooler, the top door can now be fully closed.

Inside Auke.JPG

A view of the instruments and hardware used to collect pressure transducer data along with getting the data from the remote site and then into the lab.


The Meraki Antenna approx 30 feet above attached to a branch on a tree behind the cooler

Heavner 11:02, 18 August 2009 (PDT) The slug10 memory stick corrupted (both partitions seem fine, but the boot information seems bad. dd gives i/o errors. So I'm using a slugy clone memory stick. I changed the openvpn and munin settings. I need to apt get a few python things..

apt-get install python-serial

now I'm running ~seamonster/bin/data_xfer_nodatabase.pl to get all the "bad" data off the test pressure transducer (it had a dead battery in it, I wonder if it logged the flight to Colorado, and (probably not) back?) I'm going to clone the full good USB slug10 stick on the ubuntu vm on my office computer, then I'll get Dave to deploy slug10 back w/ Auke Lake.