20081011 MM VuS58 Visit

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The weather turned decent, so at about 3:30 pm, I decided to throw the bike on the car, and take the dogs out to swap the SD card in VuS 58 at M&M Peninsula at Mendenhall. We stopped by NSRL to pick up the SD card, and check out the "Swap SD" process with VuS57 sitting there in the lab. Then it was off to West Glacier Trail. The main trail was quite waterlogged, but no rain, so it was a nice fast bike ride with the dogs. We got to the "rest hut" at about 1.5 miles in, and I should have ditched the bike there. Instead, I hauled the bike on the "low path" down by the lake. I got to ride maybe 10% of this, but in a strange mix of optimism, masochism, and stubborness, I hauled the bike until it was time for the rock scramble up the Peninsula. Dogs and I went up, then out to the "antenna/solar panel farm"! Of course, when I put foot within the 50m radius, it started raining!!! I got to work as I didn't have much of a window in order to make it back before sunset. So open up VuS58, swap the SD, re-assemble, and check voltages. It was then I noticed that there is was no load wired into the charge controller. I didn't want to second guess (or act on second guesses), so I am just noting it to ask Nick about. No there is about 15 minutes until VuS58 should try to turn on. Here's my compendium of thoughts:

1. I've got the VuS58 SD card mounted (on the air, under ubuntu)--it gave me a warning about "mounting unchecked filesystems"--this is promising, as the premise is that a corrupt ext2fs is the problem. There are two partitions (2 and 3.. 2 is 1kB, and 3 is "the rest"? ~475 MB).

2. I made the "replacement" SD card by doing "dd if=VuS53Image of=/dev/sdd1". I'm realizing I didn't set the bootable flag on the partition. This maybe shouldn't matter to Linux especially. But it might. UG! I should have tried booting off the "new SD" (DAMN KIMCO for making us disassemble the PC104 stack to swap SD!)

3. I did change /root/bricknum and /etc/network/interfaces, and added the VuS58 keys under /etc/openvpn. But I didn't change the openvpn config file (so I think both "real VuS53" in NSRL and "pseudo53/58" will be coming up in 10 minutes or so). Luckily, I'm logged into the router on the MGVC roof, and reading to ssh into the "non-vpn" IP address. Another "oddity" is that mgvc is complaining about too many open files--I didn't want to reboot yet, as that is my only was into the network out at MGVC for now. I can log in, but the machine doesn't seem happy.

4. The SD card from 58 wasn't full. I don't know if Nick/Josh had gotten rid of some of the files that were on there when they were out there last week or not. but it appears that it was NOT a full filesystem keeping it from booting.

Looking in /root/data on the "original" VuS58 SD card--it looks like images stopped 8/30. But the directory also returns a Disk I/O error.. /root/tmp/Agent.log also ends on 8/30. Voltage was reported to be 14.94