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This is some what happened notes.


On 2008/07/02 Brick53 was put at Cairn Peak. As part of this, first Nick used his laptop with the Zydas/Zyxel USB/wifi adaptor with the external directional antenna. Nick was able to see "seamonster" on Matt's roof on Mend Pen. To confirm it wasn't a stray vaio or something, Matt switched the SSID to seamonster2, and Nick was able to see the change

Then on to the router. Matt unplugged the omni and threw in a directional antenna.. no connection could be made. Nick was using putty on his laptop. Dave tried flashing Matt with a mirror to confirm it was the correct peak he was point out (but Matt flashed those guys with a mirror and "hit" them, so it must be close...) Matt did watch the helicopter take off, and it was from "about the right spot". It would be nice to confirm with a "mirror flash" when folks are at the relay site.

Matt didn't have wiviz on the router (doh!), so he installed it, but after the fact.. The router in adhoc doesn't like to scan across channels, so I'm only looking at traffic on Channel 11.

The gang (11 people) were up on Lemon Creek Glacier

At 3:09 (by my laptop, which should be ntp-ing time) I happened to catch a stray machine. The wiviz software puts random-alphabetic names on machines, but mousing over lets you see some details and MAC addresses. I'm attaching a screen shot from wiviz.

Now, and since about 2:45, I three machines:




My Mac Air MAC address is showing up as 00:1e:c2:b6:5e:96

The machine that popped up on Channel 11 was:


I found Logan's note that "Cairn Relay,, 00:1C:10:9E:7C:F5" at Communication#WRT54_WDS_info

Later I saw 00:18:39:EC:BC:0E

I'm wondering if this was Sara's apple laptop

I saw 00:11:24:A7:80:2A when I powered up her laptop--so I need to start a MAC address library (isn't this routed's job, not mine?!)

00:11:24:A7:80:2A Sara's apple laptop (powerbook G4) confirmed with system pref/network
00:1B:63:C2:75:46 Matt's MacBook Pro confirmed with system pref/network
F6:35:AE:BE:EB:EA shows up as AP icon in wiviz (when in adhoc, confusing..) and iStumbler also shows this MAC for seamonster in ad-hoc
00:1E:C2:B6:5E:96 Matt's MacAir confirmed with system pref/network
00:18:39:EC:BC:0E WRT54 SM_WRT_18 (seamonster SSID)
00:18:39:EC:BC:0C WRT54 SM_WRT_18 "internet" plug (into SM_WRT_16) with IP today
00:17:F2:53:90:9E pops up in wiviz sometimes
00:1C:10:9E:7C:F5 Brick53 (hopefully/maybe?)
00:1F:3A:87:72:43 popped up for a while

confirmed 00:18:39:EC:BC:0C at at (SM_WRT_16)

From SM_WRT_18 I can get to SM_WRT_16:

root@SM_WRT_18:~# ssh

but can I get the other way? (from 16 go to not apparently..

root@SM_WRT_16:~# telnet
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host ( Connection refused
root@SM_WRT_16:~# ssh
ssh: exited: Error connecting: Connection refused
root@SM_WRT_16:~# ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=1.3 ms