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Working with Josh Galbraith on this (for bringing GIMA data into a SM-like DB)

Even though dumping netCDF to ASCII is a bad thing.. we want to!

(or netCDF to SQL some other way?)

first FAR seems to have the tools, but this requires udunits, which won't easily compile on nsrl1

so looking at cdf2asc--nope..

This seems awfully close.. see if this gets you barking up the right tree..


On nsrl1: in ~heavner/de/andx/

heavner@dev:~/de/andx$ ./anax.exe -h | less

heavner@dev:~/de/andx$ ./anax.exe ../2007Arctic203-11.nc zcomp -o ASCII

(to compile it from the tar file, I had to "cp Makefile.anax Makefile; make" and got a binary.)

I poked a bit further and got to this:

heavner@dev:~/de/andx$ ./anax.exe ../2007Arctic203-11.nc zcomp -o ASCII -delim COMMA | tail -2 | head -1