20080402 NASA AIST PI Workshop2

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Steve: look for AIST call for proposal this summer (and don't ask about it here!)

Instrument Incubator has gone through selection and should be announced "soon" (weeks?)

Tim Stryker - USGS and CEOS

(Intergov Agency and CEOS have our work on sensor web at their heart)

CEOS from 1984 "non-binding"

UN/GEOSS ("GEO") is binding - critical parameters (same slides as were from WGMS at Mass Balance meeting!) cryosphere is on there.

CEOS Societal Need: Volcanic Ash (I see John Dehn's hand behind this slide! :)

(9 societal benefits total) constellations (slide each): sea level, atmospheric composition, precipitation, land surface imaging

sensor webs stitch this all together

WIGASS (?) Karen Moe talking about reactive sensor web concepts for atmospheric composition (leveraging EO-1 to track smoke plumes)

John Dehn--Volcano tracking.

Mike Botts: the sensor web concept and standards are the only way to do this (Karen--exactly, we need to capture that and get it to NASA HQ)

Is it "mission focused" or information/societal need/benefit

Decadal Survey: does the focus switch from mission to need/benefit? somewhat.

Karen: Goals: How are sensor webs relevant to NASA Earth Science (NASA Strategic Plan '06; NRC Decadal Survey '07; WGISS/CEOS/GEOSS

features and benefits of sensor webs - for us, for Earth Sci, or GEOSS, for NASA HQ

capture sensor web use cases for meeting report

PI present sample use case

assigned use case challenges from Decadal Survey to feature specific sensor web capabilities

for Smart Sensor: NRC mission SMAP, Science: Water: Application: sensor cal/val, feature: agents/autonomy

a handful of use cases

Peter Fox: gave Karen use case "religion"

brainstorm range of use cases (25 min) - discuss assignments, which feature, list case titles/POC

work assigned use case (45 min)



poster session at 3:30pm

every use case doesn't have to link to Decadal mission, but some should


Moghaddam: SMAP use case scenario--an insitu sensor web to cal/val the satellite

lots of use case thrashing! but we are converging on two purposes: layout our design clearly, provide advocacy story to take to headquarters

visualization/animation very helpful

Day 2: Use Case fest

first 4 are notes/thoughts from poster/break conversations

Larry Hilliard - UAV for snow

Ayanna Howard: robots on ice -- host her project on Lemon ****

Steve Chien: SAS and SOS (OGC fun) for EO-1 sat tie w/ Lemon, 30m resolution from EO-1, but with potential 200m pointing error (so georeference by hand)

John Dolan: if MHSI (or MSHI?) gets funded, talk w/ him more about deploying the HAB sensor web stuff...

Now, use case notes:

Steve Chien snow coverage, EO1

Lots of discussion for Moghaddam's use case (SMAP cal/val) we'll use hers

put together ppt - SEAMONSTER is one of the three "alternative use cases" we developed

Lunch Speaker John Garstka (Network Centric Operations)

"the Department" ...

distributed operations

measure deltas (adopt this lingo).

elevator speech for sensor web (for earth science NASA)

NASA/EarthSci "sense chain" (vs "DoD kill chain")--how do multiple platforms make this possible?

case study report (air to air): build up math quantifying improvement of knowledge for sensor web

-> improvement in information situation should be page 1 of presentations and elevator talk (technology to facilitate this is the "Details") (for DoD the final thing that matters is "kill ratio")

who is using the information to do something, and what do they really need

challenges: accelerating the development of doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures for networks, information sharing w/ mission partners, enhancing leader development

"the types of things we are doing is very disruptive" (if you "NASA" is in the big standalone sensors, it is easier to keep doing that, even if it is cheaper/better to do smaller networked, etc...)

our briefing went well--4 minutes on SM. UAV flight discussion..

middleware 1 group: overview and then no specifics ready.. getting act together

middleware 2 group: Mandl, WfCS implementation of sensorML process chain (water classification)

Mandl: recipes, over 1mill "signatures" in a library, so recipes for searches

Karen: would like more ocean focus "CONOPS" (in Puget Sound)